Celebrating the Trials and Joys of 2020. Merry Christmas!!

What a year, right?!? This year has been a time of change, growth and adaptation for everyone around the world, and it is no different for us. The year 2020 has held monumental changes for our church, its ministries and our family. We certainly have been blessed by the Lord through our faithful supporting churches and individuals around the world that we are able to continue ministering and serving here in Belem, Brazil; especially as we hear of sad instances of churches cutting missionary support to their missionaries in foreign fields.

We feel very blessed to have strong and faithful churches and individuals behind us who have continued to support us, pray for us, encourage, us and continue to communicate with us despite their own hardships and who continue to honor their commitments to being our 'village' back home...those who have a true heart for missions and who embrace Christ's vision and see missions as the Lord does:

"Missionary work should never be an afterthought of the church, because it is Christ’s forethought.” -Henry Jackson Van Dyke

While we have been blessed with support from back home it has not stopped the very real spiritual warfare that continues. It has been a difficult time for us here in the field due to the these spiritual battles. The enemy has not left one area of our lives alone, he has attacked mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually. These battles have been intense and often run concurrent with on going battles leaving little time for recovery before we enter the next spiritual war. Sometimes we are victorious in these battles and other times we get a bit beaten down. However, despite all of these wars, we would not change any of it, or ask to be delivered from it. Through the spiritual battles we also see the Lord using it in a powerful way to grow us, refine us, and more importantly to bring glory to Him.

"But he said to me, 'My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.' Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me" (2 Cor. 12:9).

It is through our weakness that the Lord continues to use us to minister and serve here in Belem, Brazil. Despite the hardships of this year it has been amazing to see what the Lord is doing here in His city, through His church and its ministries.

  • It has been a blessing to see people get saved or a prodigal return to the Lord through the church in the park or at the building.
  • We have a new and refreshed vision for the Proverbs ministry and have hosted our first of monthly banquet dinners for those individuals who work in prostitution as well as a vision to begin a study in the 'brothels'.
  • The work with refugees, the Warao, is expanding and now has resources to minister to the Warao men and we can see the fruit of faithful consistency of working with different Warao families/refugee houses over the last 3 years as our reputation with them has grown and is known to the other refugee houses as well
  • We are seeing more, and more people from the church step-up and use their spiritual gifts for the kingdom and something that is really special is hearing how the Lord has used Calvary Belem in many different ways to strengthen, and grow its family.

What a privilege to be part of this work!

Please watch the attached video highlighting this last year's work here in Belem, Para, Brazil.

Prayer Requests

  • Spiritual protection and strength
  • Our family
  • Committed monthly support
  • Joy in the trials

Thank you all for your prayers, support, and love! Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

Much love,

Kyle, Krista, Aidan, and Liam Fox

Posted: December 13, 2020

Dia Gratia is a registered 501(c) 3 non-profit ministry, serving people and ministries all over the world, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, teaching the word of God and ministering to the physical needs of suffering people, sharing grace, love and hope in the name of Jesus.

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