Proverbs 24:11-"Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter."

Proverbs 24:11 Ministry- a ministry for the victims of human trafficking, specifically the women involved in prostitution.

Vision Statement:    


Create Godly relationships with the people involved in human trafficking (1 Corinthians 9:19-23). Raise up Christian workers to minister to the victims of human trafficking (Matt. 9:38 & Matt 28:18). Minister to these victims spiritually, emotionally and physically and help place them on the narrow path (Proverbs 24:11 & Matthew 7:14).     


Mission Statement:

The goal of P2411 is to create relationships with people involved in human trafficking/prostitution, open and operate a therapeutic/safe home throughout the state of Para, establish/refer to a vocational training program and develop discipleship training programs for these victims and raise awareness about human trafficking through educational programs, all for the purpose and hope of making disciples of Jesus Christ.  

We will work alongside government and law enforcement officials as well as local area churches and programs in order to gain access to trafficking victims and to support and collaborate in working with the victims. 


Overall Direction and Goals: 

Through partnership with local churches, local government offices/officials, and like-minded local mission groups we will work with and alongside each of these entities as we strive to reach the women who are victims of human trafficking, particularly those involved in prostitution. We desire to reach these victims and to create trusting relationships with them leading them to Christ and supporting them in discipleship, providing resources and referrals for social services (vocational, educational, physical/mental health programs), and implement prevention and educational programs in local schools, local juvenile girls prisons, and to the island communities.



Our work begins with volunteers from local churches and individuals who have a longing to see women in prostitution saved by our Lord, Jesus Christ (all of these topics are discussed more at length during the training and orientation).


  1. Outreach- Reach out to the women involved human trafficking/prostitution through street outreaches. 


   2. Documentation- With each encounter on the street during outreach, P 24:11 tries to find out as much about the victim as possible to help us begin mapping the human trafficking issue in Para, which will then allow us to focus in on these communities for human trafficking prevention/education/ awareness.


    3. Phone (Hotline)- The purpose of the hotline is for each church in these different areas to begin to hear what the real need is of these women who call, and as they see the different spiritual needs arise each church will be able to address the discipleship needs accordingly. Each church commits to disciple these of victims of human trafficking in Biblical truth and in love. 


   4.  Prevention/Education/Awareness- P 24:11 continually visits a local girls jail creating relationships with young offenders as well as teaching these young ladies, who are high risk for human trafficking and prostitution work, what human trafficking looks like/ how to avoid potential traffickers/ and how to identify safe vs. unsafe people and how to avoid being exploited by family, boyfriends, strangers, etc. P 24:11 is also beginning to do prevention and awareness work to the many islands on the Amazon river. P 24:11 will also be active in prevention and education for human trafficking/prostitution in the local public schools.


   5.  Proverbs 24:11 Healing Home- It is our desire to eventually have a place where the women victims of human trafficking/prostitution can have a healing home/center where they can heal emotionally, physically and spiritually. Being discipled in the Lord in a safe and encouraging Christ centered atmosphere. A place where these victims can learn how to love the Lord and to be loved, how to care for themselves and their children the way the Bible has intended for them to be cared for, to learn other vocations to support themselves, and truly heal through forgiveness allowing them freedom from their past.


We trust God to provide funding for the many needs of this ministry, and we plan to communicate clearly and consistently with our supporters, the objectives of the ministries, the obstacles, the successes and failures in a timely and concise manner. 

We also vow to be transparent with the way donations are applied within the ministry.   


We plan to conduct yearly fundraising activities as well to help fund the projects. Both locally and internationally.