Sharing our hearts desires in Belem!

Recently we were invited to a church in Belem to share our ministry Proverbs 24:11 with them. Krista shared about what the needs are in the city, how the prostitution, and sex trade of young kids is happening right outside their homes, businesses, and we all need to open our eyes to the problem that we all see and live with every day here in the Belem and surrounding areas. Kyle shared with the church his heart's desire to see a revival in this city, to see the darkness be lifted and for the Lord to change this city beginning with the hearts of the people. God continues to draw others to this work and many have a desire to pray and intercede on behalf of those in darkness. There are many, many churches here in Belem; however, many are closed off to those who need it the most, or focus within their church and neglect the needs outside of their doors. It is great to share at a church with a heart to get their sheep active in the world around them.

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