Helping the Community of Belem

Changing Lives One Person At a Time with the Gospel

Dia Gratia - Calvary Chapel Belem

Our Mission

The mission of Dia Gratia is to serve the Lord wherever He wants us to go. By starting Calvary Chapel Belem, we get to bring the love of Jesus and the hope of the Gospel to the community of Belem, Brazil. We do this through working with orphanages, reaching out to human trafficking victims, and serving poverty-stricken people. We desire to support, encourage, and bring awareness to these ministries, connecting resources from other like-minded groups and organizations.

Our Ministry

Changing Lives One Person At a Time

We desire our neighbors and community to experience the life-changing power of Jesus. Through personal connections, we hope to serve them wherever they are in their lives. Through weekly outreaches to the human trafficking district, the Warao refugees, and Church in the Park in the central market, we want to be a beacon of hope as they get to know us through living life together and daily interactions.

Our Programs

Helping the people of Brazil to find grace & love through Jesus Christ.

Proverbs 24:11 Ministry

A ministry of Calvary Chapel Belem in Brazil helping people trapped in human trafficking and prostitution through the power of the Gospel.

Coffee Shop

We desire to make the Gospel known through every endeavor, including providing great coffee. Since our church building is located across from a major university, the coffee shop offers a unique opportunity to shine for the Lord.

Refugee Ministry

A ministry to the Warao refugees who have been displaced from Venezuela, we desire to make the Gospel understandable while helping them adapt to their life as refugees in a city that is not their own.

Where We Are Located

The Lord has strategically placed Calvary Chapel Belem in an educational and commercial hub to interact and connect with the community in their routine lives.

As we are among the people, we organically share the love of Jesus and proclaim the hope of the Gospel.