Ministry & Outreach

Changing Lives One Person At a Time with the Gospel

We are blessed to serve at Calvary Chapel Belem alongside some extraordinary believers who desire to win their city for Jesus. As your missionaries in Brazil ministering in the community of Belem, these areas of the ministry have developed as God moved our hearts to serve a particular group.

Join the Missionary Work on the Field

Each ministry offers an opportunity for you to join with us in sharing the Gospel in Brazil. Through prayer, donation, and mission trips, you can partner with us to bring the love of Jesus to this area of the world.

Calvary Chapel Belem Refugee MinistryMinistering to Those Caught in Human Trafficking

Proverbs 24:11 Ministry

Ministering to Those Caught in Human Trafficking

A ministry aimed at helping those involved in the dark industries of human trafficking and prostitution, we go to the streets of Belem every week, where these people are working. We make contact, and we share the love of Christ. We start building relationships with these people with the ultimate goal of sharing the Gospel. As people hear the message, get saved, and then desire to get out of human trafficking and prostitution, we, as a church, are there to help them.

Coffee Shop Ministry

Using Coffee and the Gospel to Change Lives in Belem, Brazil

At Calvary Chapel Belem, our church building is located directly across the street from a major university, bringing a large amount of foot traffic in front of our building throughout the week. With a high concentration of students, faculty, and businesses, there couldn't be a more incredible opportunity to minister the Gospel to our city through a tasty cup of coffee.

Calvary Chapel Belem Refugee MinistryMinistering to Those Caught in Human Trafficking

Church in the Park

Called to Be Among the People

Church in the Park is an effective and vibrant outreach right in the middle of a bustling marketplace, bringing the Gospel to those who regularly come to the market every week. God has called us to be in the world among the people, and this ministry brings a church service and evangelism to the people in their routine schedule. Instead of searching for someone to share with, we go to them in the park and preach.

Calvary Chapel Belem Refugee MinistryMinistering to Those Caught in Human Trafficking

Refugee Ministry

Creating Relationships for the Sake of the Gospel

The Refugee ministry is an outreach to the Warao, a displaced indigenous tribe from Venezuela, who fled when their government fell. Today, there are hundreds, possibly thousands, of Warao refugees living in our city. They are beautiful people that are not acquainted with the church or how to pray. We are committed to making the mission and love of God understandable by creating relationships with them while helping them adapt to their life as refugees in a city that is not their own.

Calvary Chapel Belem Refugee MinistryMinistering to Those Caught in Human Trafficking

How to Support Missionaries in Brazil

God is moving powerfully around the world and in our community, and we are humbled to be a part. As we proclaim the Good News in our weekly outreaches and personal connections, God is working and drawing people to Himself. If the Lord has stirred your heart to help these people of Brazil, we would love for you and your church to join our missionary team. There are multiple ways to support the work here. The Lord can use you remotely through prayer and financial support or here on the ground serving alongside us.


Would you please join us through prayer? Although much of the ministry is fun, and the people are a delight, there is also deep spiritual darkness, which can be challenging for our team. If you are at home and unable to go on a trip, we invite you to pray and intercede for the work, our missionaries, and our team. Join our prayer team and email list today!


One of the ways your church can help is through short term mission trips. We invite you to consider giving of your time and resources through volunteer opportunities at our church. We are always looking for volunteers who will work alongside us as we minister to others. Whether short term mission trips or longer, we welcome boots on the ground to help us reach the community of Belem, Brazil.

Financial Support

We invite you to support the missionary work of Calvary Chapel Belem by financially supporting the ministries and outreaches of Calvary Belem. You can be part of the mission through one-time or monthly contributions that can help the church fulfill the Great Commission.

Dia Gratia is a registered 501(c) 3 non-profit ministry, serving people and ministries all over the world, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, teaching the word of God and ministering to the physical needs of suffering people, sharing grace, love and hope in the name of Jesus.

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