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Dia Gratia | December Update

Merry Christmas and happy almost 2023!! We are so grateful for you…for your love, support, prayers, and encouragement. The work that the Lord is doing though us is enriched by our amazing supporters from around the world! We are thankful for what the Lord is doing in your lives as we all work together in furthering the Gospel.

Dia Gratia | October Mission Update

Hey guys! So we're here at a little river just outside the city of Belem, Brazil, and we're about to do a church baptism.

Dia Gratia July 2022 Update

Hey, guys, it's Kyle and Krista Fox; we're going to share a quick update with you guys. 

So, we're currently in year seven here in Belem, Brazil. And one of the things that we wanted to just say first and foremost is thank you. 

Dia Gratia End of Year Update
It's the end of 2021, and we have a few announcements. We want to thank the supporters and prayer partners who have given their time, energy, and money for our family and the ministry here. We really appreciate it.
In Awe of God's Goodness and Provision
We thank you for your support, love, prayers, and encouragement. It continues to be a difficult, but growing season for us in Belém, Brazil. Each month that continues in the pandemic seems to bring a new lesson of patience. It has definitely been an intense ride navigating lockdowns, as well as the many new rules/mandates that have made ministry complicated. Our area of Belém just recently came out of its second lockdown this year.
Celebrating the Trials and Joys of 2020. Merry Christmas!!
What a year, right?!? This year has been a time of change, growth and adaptation for everyone around the world, and it is no different for us. The year 2020 has held monumental changes for our church, its ministries and our family. We certainly have been blessed by the Lord through our faithful supporting churches and individuals around the world that we are able to continue ministering and serving here in Belem, Brazil
The Changing of Seasons
Who could have imagined the changes that have taken place in the world, our homes and families, and our ministries these last 6 months since the Covid-19 pandemic? It has been a time of change for everyone. I've talked with many people during these last few months about this and for some, they say that there was little impact on their lives as homeschooling and/or working from home was already the norm
Ministry and Missions in a Pandemic
It is amazing how much can change in only 3 months. Since our last newsletter the world has been in COVID-19 lockdown/quarantine/self-isolation...and the same has been true for us here in Belém. It has really been an unbelievable event that we are living through, truly unimaginable to see countries in lock-down, some stores without basic necessities, families quickly adjusting
Running with Endurance
In the book of Hebrews it speaks of running the race that is before us with endurance...the author knew that this life (our ministry, our work, our mission, etc.) would be challenging. Any extra weight we add to this race does many things: makes it difficult to continue, makes circumstances seem unbearable, and eventually makes us want to quit.