Calvary Chapel Belem Refugee Ministry

Sharing the love of Jesus to the displaced Warao refugees

What is the Refugee Ministry?

The ministry is aimed at one particular group of people - an indigenous tribe called Warao, from Venezuela. They fled Venezuela after the government essentially failed. They were dependent on the government but no longer supported by it to the point of starvation.

With no help in sight, they fled and made their way into Brazil as refugees. Today, there are hundreds, possibly thousands, of Warao refugees and families living in our city.

Calvary Chapel Belem Refugee MinistryMinistering to Those Caught in Human Trafficking

Creating Relationships with the Warao Refugees

We endeavor to help the Warao understand the gospel and adapt to life in our city as we go to the shelters where they live weekly. We learned early on that it's vital to their culture to have an equal relationship of giving and receiving with us.

At the beginning of the ministry, we always brought them something on our visits, but they could never give anything in return. People who work with indigenous tribes advised us that it is crucial to find a way that they too can participate in the relationship.


Since the Warao people are proficient at making beads, we asked them to teach us how to make the jewelry each week. They were overjoyed because it gave them the ability to give something back to us. We would bring the beads and all the supplies needed, sit with them, and they would show us how to make them. As we visit the refugee shelters, our women sit with their women and make beaded jewelry each week. Since we have the New Testament in the Warao language, they will also sit and listen to the New Testament while working with the beads.


To reach the Warao men, we create relationships by doing short bible studies and offering to pray for them. When we return the following week, we discuss what we had prayed about the previous week and what has happened since.


Our children also contribute to the team by preparing Bible studies for the Warao children, games, and other activities for each weekly visit. We hope to build mutual trust and influence with the Warao tribe by connecting with the women, men, and children at their level.

The Goal of the Ministry

The ministry's goal is to preach the gospel in a way they can understand and help them adapt to their life as refugees in a city that is not their own. Since there is no refugee resettlement plan, and as an indigenous group, it is especially difficult for them because of language and economic adjustments. Therefore, we are helping them learn the language and hoping to help them create a business where they'll sell the beadwork they make.

Calvary Chapel Belem Refugee MinistryMinistering to Those Caught in Human Trafficking

How Can You Help Our Refugee Ministry?

There are several ways you can help the ministry grow as we minister to the Warao refugees and their families. Whether you are in Brazil, in the United States, or elsewhere, you can be a part of pouring into these families trying to start a new life.

Join - Join our email list to learn about the large numbers of refugees in Belem, Brazil, and our ministry to them.

Dontate - You can donate and give to help us continue the ministry. Your donations and gifts will provide all the things necessary supplies for our weekly outreaches to the Warao people.

Pray -As always, we ask that you pray for the ministry.

  1. Pray for continuing relationship building and trust with our team and the Warao tribe.
  2. Pray for more people to come alongside and do this work with us.
  3. We're also praying for leadership to be raised within this ministry.

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