Coffee Shop Ministry

Using coffee and the Gospel to change lives in Belem, Brazil

A Prime Location for Coffee

At Calvary Chapel Belem, our church building is located directly across the street from a substantial university called UNAMA, the University of the Amazon, bringing a large amount of foot traffic in front of our building throughout the week. This traffic continues throughout the day and into the night, bringing an energetic ambiance to this bustling downtown.

With a high concentration of students, faculty, and businesses, there couldn't be a more incredible opportunity to minister the Gospel to our city through a tasty cup of coffee. Since we only use the building in the evenings for church service and activities, the location is perfect for a coffee shop ministry during the day. Constructing and operating a coffee shop provides countless possible interpersonal connections with the people of our city and helps make our presence known in the area.

A Three-Fold Purpose to Use Coffee for the Gospel

With our building essentially empty during the day in a vibrant educational hub, the coffee shop ministry accomplishes three vital purposes:

  1. Job Opportunities
  2. Reaching the Community
  3. Added Revenue for the Work of the Gospel

At Calvary Chapel Belem, we desire to make the Gospel known through every endeavor, including providing great coffee. We believe we have a unique opportunity with the coffee shop ministry to shine for the Lord directly across from the secular university.

Purpose #1 - Using Coffee for Job Opportunities

The first purpose of the coffee shop ministry is to provide job opportunities for people we serve, especially those we hope to come out of the sex trafficking trades. Working in tandem with our Proverbs 24:11 Ministry, as people leave that line of work, we have an employment opportunity to help them.

As they work inside the coffee shop, they can begin to build a new life one cup of coffee at a time while we get more time to minister to them. This employment opportunity provides practical help for them as they leave their primary source of income behind. We also get to spend time working alongside them, bringing spiritual guidance through discipleship.

Purpose #2 - Using Coffee to Reach the Community

The secondary purpose of the coffee shop is to open the doors of our church building to our community. With college students, faculty, and neighbors passing by every day, the coffee shop creates an open door for people to enter our building which generally would not.

The ultimate goal of our church is to proclaim the Gospel, and the coffee shop provides more personal contact with our community to get to know them and create relationships. As they are introduced to our building, coffee, and workers, we gain opportunity, influence, and point of contact to minister to them in the future.

Purpose #3 - Using Coffee to Add Revenue for the Work of the Gospel

The third purpose of the coffee shop is to create a revenue stream to offset the expense of the building. For our church and many others, the building is the most significant expense. Suppose the facility can produce money for itself and even become self-sufficient through the sale of coffee.

In that case, we can use the tithes and offerings for ministry rather than just administrative purposes. With prayer and provision from the Lord, we are excited for what the Lord wants to do through this exciting coffee ministry.

Help Us Make a Difference with Our Coffee Shop Ministry

We are creating this ministry as one of many ways to impact our community in their daily lives by providing employment opportunities, opening the church to the community, and generating income through coffee. By giving us more contact with students, faculty, and the community, we can be witnesses by regularly serving them a cup of coffee. The coffee shop further builds our team through discipleship and active ministry, working arm and arm with those the Lord has touched and rescued.

People can help with this ministry through prayer and financial donation.

Prayer - Pray that we can open by the end of 2021 as planned. We haven't opened yet due to construction and costs.

Donate - The expenses were high to get the building itself prepared. We definitely need help with the costs in these early stages of getting the coffee shop opened.

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