Church in the Park Ministry

Bringing church and evangelism to the people of Belem every Sunday.

The Call

In August of 2017, we felt that God had put the idea to plant a church on our hearts. The confirmation for me came as I was teaching through the Book of Matthew. I was praying, "God, if this is Your will that we plant a church, then please call me and show me that You've called me."

As I was teaching through Matthew, Peter basically said the exact same thing that I had been praying in the fourteenth chapter. When he saw Jesus walking on water, he said, "Lord, if it's you, call me." That scripture was the confirmation that I needed to my specific prayer, knowing that God was calling us to plant a church here in Belem.

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We began praying and meeting downtown in a park called The Republic Square. We started praying on Thursday nights in August 2017 and continued for three months straight, every Thursday night. We knew it was time to begin at the end of those three months, but we still didn't have a building. With nowhere to meet, God put it on our hearts to meet there on Sunday morning in the same park because the huge weekly fair also meets there.

Every Saturday night, the community erects about a thousand booths around the park's perimeter at the Republic Square. On Sunday morning, those booths are full of anything you can imagine for sale. For everyone in the community, it's just a routine activity to come out to the park every Sunday morning to the fair, spend time as a family, shop, and hang out.


With such a natural gathering spot, God put it on our hearts to start the church there because the church isn't a building; it's a people; it's us. So, in a bustling part of the park, we began preaching the Gospel in the large amphitheater. It was a terrifying thing to do; however, we were sure God was calling us to do it. We began to step out in faith and have church services in the park. After a time of worship, I would preach in English with a translator who would translate simultaneously.

Since English isn't heard often in Northern Brazil, especially from a native speaker, we found the Lord using this to draw many people. From the very beginning, as soon as I would start preaching, many people would come simply to hear an English person speaking. Sunday after Sunday, they listen to the gospel message, and God has been using this ministry every week since we began back in 2017.

Calvary Chapel Belem Church in the Park Ministry

Be Among the People

Church in the Park is an effective ministry right in the middle of the marketplace, bringing the Gospel to those who regularly come to the market every week. Instead of searching for someone to share with, we go to the park and preach the Gospel.

After each service, people are always coming and asking, can you tell me more about this? Can you tell me why you said this? And why did you say that? God has called us to be among the people, and this ministry brings a church service and evangelism to the people where they live.

Support Church in the Park

God is powerfully using this ministry to draw people back to Himself because they hear the true Gospel rather than a facade or legalistic message. They're hearing the true Gospel, God is getting a hold of their hearts, and they're returning to him - He is drawing people back to Himself through this ministry!

If you desire to help us, you can support this ministry through prayer and financial support. Thank you in advance for your attention and participation!

Dia Gratia is a registered 501(c) 3 non-profit ministry, serving people and ministries all over the world, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, teaching the word of God and ministering to the physical needs of suffering people, sharing grace, love and hope in the name of Jesus.

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