Dia Gratia | October Mission Update

Hey guys! So we're here at a little river just outside the city of Belem. We're about to do a church baptism. 


So, we have just a few people being baptized today. One of them is actually from our ministry at the Praça da República. So, every Sunday morning, we do a ministry there where we have, like a church service, we're sharing the gospel when we have this amphitheater space. When we don't have the big amphitheater, we just do one-on-one evangelism. 

One of the ladies that's being baptized today is a person who we connected with through this one-on-one evangelism. It was actually when Calvary Church in Aurora was here doing a missions trip with us. So, it's really cool! They were a big part of that and now we're gonna baptize this young lady named Jessica. And so that ministry just keeps bearing fruit. 

Ministry in the Park

We keep seeing God use the ministry in the park, where people are being reached. God is touching their hearts, they're hearing the gospel, but it's not of works. It's by grace through faith. And God's drawing all these people back to Himself. 

Five-Year Anniversary

The Praça da República ministry is something that we've been doing since the very beginning of our church. So five years ago, in November 2022, it'll be five years that we started this ministry. And so, we thank you guys for keeping that in prayer, and God bless you guys!

Dia Gratia is a registered 501(c) 3 non-profit ministry, serving people and ministries all over the world, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, teaching the word of God and ministering to the physical needs of suffering people, sharing grace, love and hope in the name of Jesus.

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Dia Gratia | October Mission Update

Hey guys! So we're here at a little river just outside the city of Belem, Brazil, and we're about to do a church baptism.

Dia Gratia July 2022 Update

Hey, guys, it's Kyle and Krista Fox; we're going to share a quick update with you guys. 

So, we're currently in year seven here in Belem, Brazil. And one of the things that we wanted to just say first and foremost is thank you. 

Dia Gratia End of Year Update

It's the end of 2021, and we have a few announcements. We want to thank the supporters and prayer partners who have given their time, energy, and money for our family and the ministry here. We really appreciate it.