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Continuing on in the Strength of the Lord
It has been a very difficult and trying season for us lately here in Belem, Brazil, both personally and in our church and its ministries. Beginning a new church as well as new ministries in a foreign country, in a different culture, and in a new language from nothing is not for the weary. We continue to be impacted by traumatic/grievous situations in our work with the individuals in prostitution and with the refugees.
A Joyful Servant's Heart
Each year I am on the mission field I learn more and more about my heart. I continue to realize how indeed 'wicked above all things' it is and I have been continually tested about what it means to truly have a servant's heart. A heart that desires to care for others, that is brought low to raise others higher, to be used in order to show others the love and selflessness of Jesus who lives in me.
Merry Christmas from the Amazon-Fox Family Missions
Hello and Merry Christmas! We are looking forward to celebrating the birth of our Savior with our church family and friends here in Belem. In fact, we are having our first church service in our newly acquired building for Christmas service this Sunday! It has been an extremely busy few months for us here in Belem. Last October we were asked to share our ministries, and our new church plant, at the Calvary Chapel Merritt Island missions conference in Florida.
Moving Forward...
We have two items we want to share with you. The first is about our church building and the second is about a healing home for the Proverbs 24:11 ministry (a ministry for those involved in prostitution and human trafficking). We just signed a lease, beginning December 1, for a Church home for Calvary Chapel Belem!
A Sowing Season...
Hello! This month we decided to do a video update...I hope you have a few minutes to check it out (some bloopers included). We continue to push forward in this season of sowing seeds. We continue to share the Gospel message and pray for fertile and soft hearts for the message of Jesus to be received, but I have to be honest, being a sower is not what I expected...it is hard
A Building for Calvary Chapel Belém
Hello! We would like to ask if you will join us as we pray about taking a step of faith and renting a building to be our home base for our new church plant and its ministries here in Belém, Brazil. Our church, Calvary Chapel Belém, currently meets every Sunday in a park in the middle of the city. Every Sunday morning and afternoon this park is transformed into a large fair, with vendors and different cultural exhibits drawing large crowds.
A difficult, but fruitful time serving in Belém...
It has been a difficult, yet encouraging and growing season for us serving in Belém, Pará, Brazil. I sometimes think about how hard it was, almost 4 years ago selling almost everything and stepping out into the unknown, not knowing where we were being called to, like Abraham. Many of you know our 'missionary training' story...we sold it all
So Much to Share...
Where do we begin?!? Each day, week, and month continues to be an adventure for us here in Belém, Brazil. The last couple of months have been an amazing time of watching the Lord open doors and hearts. We are always so thankful for those of you who pray with us, encourage us, support us, and love us from afar!
It's a new season for us...
First, we would like to thank all of you who have been praying for Liam and his recovery. As of the end of October he was cleared to return to school after 30 days of home recovery and rest. The neurosurgeon is very happy with his recovery and while Liam needs to continue to take it easy for the next few months, he will make a complete and full recovery!