So Much to Share...

Where do we begin?!? Each day, week, and month continues to be an adventure for us here in Belém, Brazil. The last couple of months have been an amazing time of watching the Lord open doors and hearts. We are always so thankful for those of you who pray with us, encourage us, support us, and love us from afar!

It is hard to put into words, especially in a limited space such as these newsletters, how we are witnessing the Lord move here in the work He has called us is truly amazing. I remember reading biographies of missionaries from long ago and I was always amazed at the miracles that they each witnessed...from healings, to financial/physical needs being met and it was all because of their faithful obedience to pray and wait. We have had/have many, many needs arise over the last couple of years that we have been on the mission field. Some we have openly shared with you, while others we have kept between us and the Lord. We are seeing these unvoiced needs, these intimate prayers between us and the Lord, being provided for in amazing ways. Those old missionary biographies that tell of the Lord providing in amazing and miraculous ways is something we are privileged to be part of now. Years ago, I would never have imagined that our family would be used in such a way by the Lord. To me, those old time missionaries had something I thought I would never have...true, undoubting faith. It is shocking really, for a Christian to realize that they may be an unbelieving believer, this is a true Christ follower, a believer, but one who doubts the miracles/provisions of the Lord.

Serving as a missionary in some of the darkest places here in Belém has shown us our hearts when we lacked faith in some areas, and has made us repent from this and learn to expect great things from God. We truly expect the drug dealers or users, that our Friday night outreaches works with will get saved and have a relationship with Jesus. We have no doubt that the Lord will reach out to the darkest and scariest street corner to the prostitute who has worked there since she was 16 years old, and save her soul. We know that the church services in the park are saving the lost, the forgotten, and the prodigals. We believe and expect God to do miraculous things in all of our ministries and He is. What type of workers would be if we did not believe that the Lord can and will do these things? We would be ineffective and useless. So please pray that we do not grow weary in doing good and that our passion and excitement for the Lord would continue to grow each day.

Calvary Chapel Belém is continuing to meet in the park each Sunday morning and despite the distractions of meeting in an open fair crowded with hundreds of people shopping, performing, and watching the various entertainers around the area the church is growing. Almost weekly we continue to see men and women accept the Lord as their Savior as they sit in service hearing the Gospel. We continue to pray for fellow workers as the needs continue to grow. We have been blessed by a local seminary, who has offered us two of their students as interns for the year. These interns will be helping with the Friday night outreaches/evangelism to the drug addicts and dealers, and they will help Sunday mornings with church service as well. We have begun a women's discipleship group Friday mornings, and the men's discipleship group begins next week on Thursday evenings. We continue to have our home fellowship each Tuesday evening and it has been a pleasure to see it grow and change over the last couple of years.

The Proverbs 24:11 ministry has been consistently and faithfully reaching out to the victims involved in prostitution/human trafficking each week. We are blessed with a solid team of women, and men, who help on these outreaches and we are excited to see relationships emerge with those involved in prostitution. Please pray for these men and women that we meet each week. We are still learning their stories, but many of them have been in this situation since they were young. Proverbs 24:11 will travel up the mouth of the Amazon river later this month to share our prevention/education program with a local island community. We have been asked to join with the Bible Society of Belém, and travel on their boat to reach out to these communities to share our prevention program and this will be the first of many trips to come. We still pray for more like minded workers to join us in this ministry as it is multi-faceted and continually growing.

Aidan and Liam have begun school at a local Brazilian school. They are being fully immersed in Portuguese as it is not a bilingual school, and while it is a tough transition for them now, we are grateful for the opportunity that they have to be more in the culture and the language here in our host country. Krista takes 4 hours of Portuguese classes each week, and Kyle takes more of a holistic trial and error approach to the language, but prayers for language acquisition for us all would be great! Aidan is praying and waiting on an opportunity to serve for 30-40 days at the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Hungary this summer. The Bible college is considering if they will be able to sponsor him for their discipleship program, but if not, he will hopefully be able to serve for a month at the conference center for their summer or service program. Kyle and a group of guys that outreach on Friday nights were robbed at gunpoint last week as were many others in the area. This makes for our family's 3rd robbery in the last 2 1/2 years...please pray for these people who do these things (sadly a very common occurrence), and pray for our protection as well.

Prayer requests:

  • Finances for health insurance- We are still in need of $100.00 a month to cover this expense.
  • A building for the church, and its ministries.
  • Finances for the interns as we need to cover their transportation and food expenses the days they serve with us in our ministries.
  • More workers to help with Calvary Chapel Belém, and the Proverbs 24:11 ministry.
  • Safety and protection as we serve in some of the darkest areas in the city.
  • A reliable vehicle.
  • The churchwide meeting we will have the end of the month.


  • We were able to complete all the necessary paperwork at the US consulate for the boys (renewed passports).
  • The Lord answered our prayers and provided workers to help us with the church (a continual need).
  • We are seeing people each week at church accept the Lord as their Savior.
  • The P 24:11 team is creating relationships with the people involved in prostitution.
  • Krista has a great couple of Brazilian women who help her in Proverbs 24:11.
  • Kyle continues to teach at local churches in the area opening the door for relationships and unity between churches.
  • Our faithful friend Kauê continues to be a huge blessing to us as serves with us in nearly every aspect of ministry we are involved in here.

Thank you all for love and prayers!


Kyle, Krista, Aidan, and Liam Fox

Written: March 2, 2018

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