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Sharing our hearts desires in Belem!
Recently we were invited to a church in Belem to share our ministry Proverbs 24:11 with them. Krista shared about what the needs are in the city, how the prostitution, and sex trade of young kids is happening right outside their homes, businesses, and church...how we all need to open our eyes to the problem
Happy March!
We are anxiously awaiting our first short-term mission group who are coming in a couple of weeks to serve alongside us. A team of 13 people from Calvary Chapel Aurora will be serving with us in the various ministries we work with and we are so excited!! They have been preparing for many months and we cannot wait to share our lives with them.
Merry Christmas from the Fox's in Belem!!
Merry Christmas to all of our family and friends around the world! We are so blessed to be able to spend our holidays with good friends and family. We are now entering our 2nd year in Belem and have seen the Lord hard at work here in the ministries we're involved in as well as the work He is continuing in each of us personally.
How Beautiful Are The Feet
As we come to the end of our first year in Belem, Brazil we are amazed at what God has done, and the doors that He has opened in such a short time. Kyle recently traveled to a Pastors conference in the south of Brazil where the pastors and leaders that oversee the Calvary Chapels in Brazil acknowledged the start of Calvary Chapel Amazon Valley, the only Calvary in Northern Brazil.
The Harvest is Plentiful
We continue to thank you all who remember us and pray for us here in Belem, Brazil. It has not always been an easy transition for each member of our family, and the waves of grief from our old life, and our former comforts continue to ebb and flow. However, we are comforted in the fact that we are exactly where God wants us to serve
By the Grace of God
Thank you, thank you, and thank you so much for your prayers, notes, texts, calls, cards, and everything else as we have finally transitioned into full-time missionary work in Belem, Brazil. It has been a long and spiritually growing year for all of the members of the Fox family. A little over a year ago the Lord asked us to do the unimaginable…
Adventures in Christ
I have never seen so many colors. The oranges that fade into pink, offset by the many hues of blues splashing beneath our boat. There is no land in sight, only the deep and rich blue of the ocean surrounds us. I find myself looking over all that the Lord has created and begin reflecting on the journey that has been our lives this past year.
Holding Up Their Arms
As a mom, when my kids were younger they would often stretch their arms up to me from below asking in their own way for me to comfort them, love them, acknowledge them, and so on. There were often no words that went along with this, it was just a gesture to me of what they needed. I don’t believe they knew themselves knew what they were needing, but they had an innate understanding that if only they raised their arms to me whatever it was would be ok.
We would appreciate your prayers as we work towards the possiblity of heading to Belem, Brazil. We are in contact with a group called Believers Bridge, www.believersbridge.org. They operate a christian academy where Krista has an opportunity to teach, and the boys might attend there. They are currently doing missions work along the Amazon river as well as developing a church in Belem, where I hope to help out.