Merry Christmas from the Fox's in Belem!!

Merry Christmas to all of our family and friends around the world! We are so blessed to be able to spend our holidays with good friends and family.

We are now entering our 2nd year in Belem and have seen the Lord hard at work here in the ministries we're involved in as well as the work He is continuing in each of us personally. Here's a quick peak into what the Fox Family has been up to:

Kyle has had a wonderful and busy year as he was ordained as a Calvary Chapel Pastor in June and oversees the new church, Calvary Chapel Amazon Valley (CCAV), which had its first official service as a Calvary in June as well. Kyle's heart has been drawn alongside Krista's to reach out and minister to the women and children involved in the sex industry, as well as being committed to the orphanage ministry at CCAV, where we team up with a local mission group and help them in the local orphanages and boys home. Kyle continues to enjoy his time teaching the Bible and being the chaplain for Amazon Valley Academy (AVA) as well.

Krista has begun a new ministry that focuses on the prostitutes and the child sex trade here in our area, Proverbs 24:11 (more details can be found under the prostitute ministry page of the website). She has a great group of young women (and men who come to look after the group as they do their outreach) who have a desire in their hearts to show the love of Christ to those involved in a very dark, and lonely lifestyle. She continues to enjoy leading the women's discipleship group at Calvary Chapel Amazon Valley and is blessed to see different women join the group with a desire to grow in their knowledge of the Lord and His Word. Krista has had a busy year teaching at AVA, and loves her time with the kids there.

Aidan is enjoying his time as a freshman in high school! He has picked up the Portuguese language amazingly well and has become our family's official translator. Aidan recently traveled to a small town, Santarem in the Para, Brazil, on a mission trip with the school and he was able to share the Gospel and love of Christ to the children and elderly that he was in contact with. He continues to eat, sleep, grow, and repeat...we're not sure how he does all of that so well and quite often in the same day, but he is wonderful at it!!

Liam just had his 12th birthday and had a great time celebrating with his friends! He is in his first year of middle school and is doing fantastic! His mom is his teacher for 2 of his classes, which she loves but I am sure he wouldn't mind a little more diversity in that area, and he and his 6th grade peers are all great friends!

Lily and Truman are both doing very well in the heat and humidity of the rain forest climate. They do wish it was cooler, but are happy to be able to sleep in the air conditioned bedrooms with their boys. Both dogs continue to bring joy and laughter to the whole and family and they've been such a blessing to us all. They are loved and spoiled by all!

We love you all and wish you all a great Christmas and a happy New Year!!

Much Love,

Kyle, Krista, Aidan, and Liam

Written: December 26, 2016

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