Please join us in prayer and praises...

Things are moving ahead here for the new church plant Calvary Chapel Belem, and our human trafficking ministry, Proverbs 24:11 and we wanted to briefly share with you all what's developing:

There is a building in the heart of downtown Belem, near where we had hoped the new church would be, that had been for sale by a former missionary group here. A couple of months ago they had suggested to us that it may be donated to us to use for our ministry. We have been in prayer and meetings with them about this, and only recently learned that there are two other buildings that they own that they may also pass on to us. The other two buildings (houses with property) would be an ideal place for the Proverbs 24:11 ministry to have a safe/rehabilitation house house for the victims of human trafficking and a vocational/educational center as well. We have a meeting Tuesday, May 30, 2017 where the mission board in charge of these properties will vote on who/how these buildings will be used for the growing of the God's kingdom. Please pray alongside us that the Lord will move mightily in that meeting as it is our desire to have both a church building and a safe house.

The Lord continues to put local Brazilians in our life with a shared passion for reaching the souls of the lost. These helpers have all offered incredible resources from legal help with getting both entities legalized in Brazil, helping us make connections within the local government and police units to further the outreach for the victims in human trafficking, bringing like-minded others who have a heart to help us begin Calvary Chapel Belem... to allowing our ministry to be included in a prayer day with other established mission groups in the area. It has been amazing to see the Lord provide for all of these needs. We have been faithfully praying for these things and He has been faithful to provide!

We continue to pray for workers to join us...we pray specifically for workers whose hearts are burdened/broken for the lost.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for our upcoming meeting May 30th...pray that if the Lord is willing He will provide for our ministry's needs and that He will bless us with these buildings.
  • Pray for like-minded workers to help us both with the new church plant, Calvary Chapel Belem, and the new human trafficking ministry, Proverbs 24:11.
  • Continue to pray for our missionary visas to be approved and pray for support to come in before the end of June to cover our growing visa expenses: $1,550.00
  • Pray for our personal support and needs...we now need to purchase an oven, washing machine, 2 mattresses , and 2 A/C units for the boys' bedrooms. We had been using the school's (Amazon Valley Academy) things, but as our time with them is now ending we need to return those things to them.
  • Continue to pray for a car for us.
  • Pray for our time in the states as it is quickly approaching. Pray God will provide for us as we share our work with others when we are back in the US and that all of our needs will be met when we are there, from transportation to doctors appointments.


  • We were blessed with a financial donation that has enabled us to take care of our rent, electricity, etc.., here in Belem for the next couple of months while we travel back to the states. This was a huge answer to prayer as getting money to Brazil to pay these things while we are away is not an option, and we needed to cover our expenses before we left...SO BLESSED by this!
  • The Proverbs 24:11 ministry has been faithfully praying every week for close to a year for the needs of the ministry, for helpers, and most importantly for the hearts of the victims in human trafficking to be primed and ready to hear the Lord call them by name...we are in awe as we sit back and watch the Lord answer these prayers and we are excited to see Him continue to do so.
  • Aidan and Liam are doing great! They're enjoying school, friendships, and we have been blessed to see the Lord do a work in their hearts and drawing them close to Him. Aidan recently joined Kyle in a park for an outreach where his gift of language was used as his dad's interpreter, and Liam has told us that he wants to become a missionary (he realized he really enjoyed talking with people in the community about Jesus and inviting them to church after he was apart of these events during his school's missions trip).
  • Kyle and I will celebrate our 15 year wedding anniversary June 8th!!

Written: May 23, 2017

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