A Sowing Season...

Hello! This month we decided to do a video update...I hope you have a few minutes to check it out (some bloopers included).

We continue to push forward in this season of sowing seeds. We continue to share the Gospel message and pray for fertile and soft hearts for the message of Jesus to be received, but I have to be honest, being a sower is not what I expected...it is hard (Kyle may have a different perspective than me though). It can be discouraging going to the streets each week talking with individuals involved in prostitution and/or drugs and not seeing the fruit of the work. I have known for some time now that being a sower is what is needed from us in these ministries. And, I am comforted by the Holy Spirit when He reminds me that I only have to be faithful in sharing the message, be obedient to the work He has given us to do here, and He will do the rest. There is great peace in this, but we are human, and sometimes doubt and discouragement creeps in.

Lately, I keep asking myself "Is this enough?". Is it really enough for us to go to the streets each week and pray and share the Gospel? My head automatically answers "yes", but my flesh says I should be doing more. I ask "Is it enough?" to go to the refugee house a couple times a week to make jewelry with the women while others in our team work with their kids teaching preschool Sunday school lessons...again, my head says, "yes", but my flesh says otherwise. I ask how can this be enough when I continue to see the same men and women on the streets in prostitution each week and I know many of them have heard the Good News (because we share it with them each week), yet they'll run to a stopped car for their next client after they just asked for prayer. I ask how can it be enough when we go to the refugee houses where we can barely communicate with them because we don't know their tribal language. This is when I am thankful to understand my role in this work as a sower. I am, and all of the people who help us, are sowing seeds.

It's funny, how the enemy can try and steal the joy of the work of the Lord by doubting what your doing, and by questioning if you're doing enough. We do see salvations and prodigals returning to Jesus at church on Sundays and even in the girls youth prison I go to, and even with this the enemy is close with questions of doubt and wondering if I should be doing more. So many people have been so indoctrinated in this mentality that more is better...do more, be more, get more people in your church/ministries and sadly many people lose their original calling/vision from the Lord from all the extra work they put on themselves. It has been a tough thing for me to not put extra work on myself not ordained and guided by the Lord, the vision He has given us for the ministry here is dependent upon His leading and timing.

When I find myself asking these questions and feeling like it isn't enough I am so thankful for the many lessons that have come before this. Lessons on wearing the full armor of God, not rushing ahead of God but walking behind Him in things, and not trusting my emotions because they are misleading. For times like these, I need to remember this verse, "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up" Galatians 6:9.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray that we find the perfect building for Calvary Chapel Belem and its ministries.
  • Pray for us as we travel to Florida soon for a missionary conference. Both Kyle and I will be teaching a joint workshop as well as share our testimony. Pray for provisions for us during this time as well.
  • Pray for Aidan and Liam to be strong men of God and to continue to develop/strengthen their own personal relationship with the Lord.
  • Pray for the 45+ workers involved in prostitution that the Proverbs ministry has worked with over the last few months.
  • Pray that we continue to be used by God to further His kingdom.


  • Our visas were extended and we are free to work here in Brazil for another year. We will work towards our permanent visas next.
  • We were able to purchase flights home for next summer.
  • Aidan and Liam are doing better in their Brazilian school and the language seems to be getting easier for them.
  • Kyle and I found a new Portugese teacher and we are excited about really mastering the language.

Thanks for all the prayers, encouragement, and support!

Posted: October 7, 2018

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