Below is a list of ministries/mission groups that Dia Gratia has/is partnering with to help the work that they have been called to.  If you would like more information, to get invloved, or support these organizations please feel free to contact them. 

Calvary Chapel Amazon Valley (CCAV)- Kyle pastored the newly established Calvary Chapel church located on the Amazon Valley Academy school grounds from 2015-2017.  Calvary Chapel's missions is: win, disciple, and send. Win a person to Christ, disciple them in the Word, and send them out as ministers/missionaries/disciples of Christ to continue to grow the family of Christ.  CCAV is an English speaking service located near Belem, PA on the campus of the Amazon Valley Academy (k-12 school).

Amazon Valley Academy (AVA)- A private, international, Christian Pre K-12 school in Belem, Brazil dedicated to providing an excellent, Christ-centered education for its students, preparing them to become productive members of society no matter where they might end up living.

ProVida- Is a Brazilian mission group that works with local state-run (in the Brazilian state of Para) orphanages bringing Bible stories, crafts, and education to the children in these homes, they minister to juveniles in the state-run juvenile prisons,they also have a boys home where they help meet the needs of the boys by helping in their education and bringing the love of Christ to them.

ProVida (Mission Statement in Portuguese)-Ajudar crianças, adolescentes e jovens em situação de risco, nas ruas, invasões, unidades de atendimento sócio-educativas e abrigos, oferecendo uma vida digna e integrada na família, igreja e sociedade através da transformação em Cristo, tornando-os agentes multiplicadores, honrando assim a Deus.