We would appreciate your prayers as we work towards the possiblity of heading to Belem, Brazil. We are in contact with a group called Believers Bridge, They operate a christian academy where Krista has an opportunity to teach, and the boys might attend there. They are currently doing missions work along the Amazon river as well as developing a church in Belem, where I hope to help out. God is doing some exciting things in this area and we feel like this would be a great fit for us. We're excited to see what God is going to do!


This time living on the boat has stretched us to our limits, there have been many difficult days. We know that many people are praying for us and we appreciate that so much, so thank you!

These are the things we are praying for, so if you would like to pray along with us, that would be great!:

We still need the house to sell in Denver

Volunteer visa's for everyone.

The positions in Belem are not paid positions, so we need to develope a support team.

Wisdom about what to do with our current home (sailboat), the guys in Belem don't think it would be wise to keep the boat in Belem, as it would stick out like a soar thumb, we would draw too much attention from the wrong kinds of people, so we are praying about either selling or putting it into charter for the time being.

Thanks so much for your prayer and support, keep in touch with us, you can reach us by email at or

God Bless!


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